5 Free Seed Catalogs You Should Have On Your Coffee Table


As I’m writing this it’s 25 degrees and spitting snow outside, I’m sitting here drinking coffee and longing for the days coming when I will be out in the garden with sweat on my brow and dirt under my finger nails. There is a way in which I maintain my sanity while I’m waiting and that way is seed catalogs. I love those days when a new one comes in the mail, the colorful pictures, the thoughts of growing something new, the page after page of vegetable description that causes my mind to dream of a bountiful harvest. Yes, every homesteader should get to experience this wonderful feeling of euphoria!


Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, seriously though, seed catalogs are great to have as you think about and plan your garden. There are a few great companies out there that send beautiful and information packed and best of all FREE catalogs right to your door. So I thought I would give a list of  5 links to get you started with the experience.


1) Johnny’s Selected Seeds They have a great catalog! I think probably the best one. It’s full of great pictures and they have a ton of seeds20150211_182120 to pick from. Even if you don’t get the catalog there website is great and packed with all kinds of gardening information.


2) Seed Savers Exchange The 100+ page free catalog has over 600 heirloom and open-pollinated varieties and a large selection of organic seeds. Not only does this catalog have beautiful images and stories, it also contains great educational material. 


3) Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds They have 2 catalogs one is free and one they sell. The free one is their rare seeds free color catalog which is a beautiful 212 page catalog offering over 1700 rare, non-GMO seeds. Complete with hundreds of high-quality color photos showcasing the variety and beauty of heirloom vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.


4) Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Not only do you get a beautiful free catalog from Gurneys but at the time of this post when you order the catalog you also get a $25 off coupon. That sounds like a Win Win to me!


5) Burpee Seeds and Plants What can I say? They have a catalog and it’s free. I say it like that because I’m sure every gardener has heard of Burpee and knows about there huge selection. So if you don’t already get the catalog… then why not?


There are many more out there but this should get you started. When they arrive kick off your boots, get a cup of coffee and a note pad and prepare to be inspired as you plan the garden you’ve always dreamed about…. Happy Homesteading!


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